Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Quiz Answers 2 June is available now. Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Answers are given below.

Today’s episode of Ladies vs Gentleman Is Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Episode 23 Answers Season 2.

You can win amazing gifts by playing Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Answers Today 2 June.

Ladies vs Gentleman Flipkart Quiz is mostly based on predicting the percentage. Ladies vs Gentleman Quiz.



Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Quiz Answers 2 June 2021

Quiz Name:Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Quiz
Prize:Vouchers, Gems and more
Quiz Date:2 June 2021
Quiz Time:12 AM to 11:59 PM

How To Play Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Quiz? 

  • Step 1: This is the Flipkart App Only Quiz – So you have to Download the Flipkart App from Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Now just open Flipkart App & Login into your account or register if you don’t have one.
  • Step 3: In the Flipkart app, you will see the “Games” banner at the bottom.
  • Step 4: Go to the Games and scroll down and you will see the “Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman” banner. Now tap on the Play Now button to play the quiz.
  • Step 5: Now there you will see 3 questions in the Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Quiz, You have to give the right answers to all questions to win the quiz.
  • Step 6: Now you have to give correct answers which are given below. Just scroll and get answers and win something.

Flipkart Ladies vs Gentleman Quiz Answers 2 June 2021 – Win Vouchers, Super Coins, and More.

(Updating answers at 2-June-2021 till 12:10 AM. Please refresh) 

Question 1) What % of men don’t wash their hands after using the washroom?

Answer: 20%

Question 2) What % of men believe that if a girl is friendly then she is ready for a physical relationship?

Answer: 40%

Question 3) What % of men get beauty treatments done in a salon because of their partner’s pressure?

Answer: 50%

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